Week 8 Fantasy Rankings: QB

Posted: October 22, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Hey fans and welcome to our fantasy top 10 of week 8 ! For our studs and duds and everything in between lets rank our players at each position on the field with their matchups this week.

The QB. The leader. The position that controls the field. We have see Bradford, Cutler, Manuel, Schaub, Locker, Gabbert and our fan favorite Sanchez go down this year so far. All we need is Tebow to sign now with a team that needs a QB.

To start off the list we have a QB who tends to let the ball run into the endzone more. Colin Kaepernick who had all the hype coming into the season starts the list at #10. Going against a winless jaguars team he should have fun picking the defense, but get ready for a closer matchup than expected.

# 9 As much talent as this future HOF QB has he hasn’t flourished as much as he did with a deeper WR core. Brady is my #9 because of his matchup and GRONK being back. Hopefully he gets to be the Brady of old because that is an entertaining football game when he is there.

#8 is Matt Ryan. Lost his best receiver and replaces him with a man who drops 100+ yards and a score. As good as his receivers are with Tony Gonzales, Roddy White, and Douglas the man has talent.

When you play Denver you are usually playing from behind. After the shootout he had although 3 TDs were from his RB RGIII is the man in the 7th spot on our list. He will make moves with his legs and escape the pocket and with Reed as his TE he is flourishing.

At the 6th spot we have someone who has the beauty of play actions and screen passes called in his offense and going against an injured Dallas defense and has a WR who has the name MEGATRON for heaven’s sake. Stafford is in for a great week with a healthy Bush and Calvin Johnson. You cant guard a deep threat and a screen pass on the other side of the field all at once.

Tony Romo. Who else would deserve a #5 spot on our list this week. Going against a Lions team who just got torched by AJ Green get ready for Dez Bryant to go ape on them also and Romo to be the beneficiary of those precious yards and a score. Without that much of a running game Romo should be back on track to throw more this week.

The #4 QB this week is Brees. With a NO offense that just cant stop coming off a bye week and a heartbreaker loss against NE get ready for a mess in BUF with Brees throwing for 275 yards and a pair of TDs.

In the 3 hole we have that man from GB. He goes by Aaron Rodgers. Without his weapons he has been stealing the “Brady affect” and making his WR stars. Going against a team that allows 300+ passing yards a game he is an easy start and high value this week as usual.

Our #2 QB for this week is Michael Vick. Going against the Giants defense unlike last time he played them he will probably be in there the entire game. His versatility with Desean Jackson and his own legs he will be making plays all day.

As a shocker to the world we have at last Peyton Manning going against a weak Washington secondary as our clear cut #1 QB of the week. With WR like Welker, J. Thomas, D. Thomas, and Decker how can a team stop them all the entire game. As good as the colts showed they were they fell apart at the end of the game and due to a badly timed fumble they can still be undefeated. On his record breaking pace he has little to no competition on being a consistent #1 QB here.

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