You can’t win a game without a good running game. Our top 10 RBs have are here and after a sluggish injured filled start to the season to RBs so far its not getting better.

#10 Can be injured at any moment, but he has talent. McFadden is the one thing raiders fans have to look forward too weekly.

#9 Fred Jackson. Bottom line he is the only bright spot on the team he is playing like the job belongs to him alone and deserves to be on this list this week.

#8 Alfred Morris will need to give his defense some rest with the high-powered quick offense of DEN. He is a great back without needing to do that but look for increased touches this week against DEN with a possible score.

#7 Reggie Bush the man of the hour can always explode and if he doesn’t he sticks to his modest double digit numbers. In PPR formats he probably gets placed higher on our list around #5 but for standard leagues when a team is covering megatron you can’t cover an elite back like Bush as well with ease.

#6 With a top QB the running game will always flourish. Bottom line Moreno might not have been stellar against the colts, but let the record show he still has major talent with a great play action game.

#5 The only reason he isn’t higher on my list this week is because the Giants have this guy tamed more or less as talented as a back he is. McCoy is still an RB1 and should be started in all leagues, but a 20 point day would be a little too much to think of from him unless he breaks through a few tackles. Shady will be going against a team desperate to show the league they caught a few bad breaks.

#4 Well usually he is a clear #1 on any list, but Adrian Peterson isn’t up there this week for me. Going against a GB defense where he usually does well against he isn’t putting up untouchable numbers, but is a deserving #1 overall pick.

#3 Frank Gore. Going against a Jacksonville defense and ever since the little skirmish of a conversation about getting the ball more he has proven worthy and been covering for a slacking Colin Kaeperick

#2 7-0 only team left. Why? The defense with a hint of JAMAAL CHARLES! Been scoring almost weekly and has been a force in the west this all season keep the back and let him run with power.

#1 Well with a matchup like STL and being a top 3 back as it is how can you not put Lynch on top of this list. Get ready for a century mark and a couple of scores from the back this week. Enjoy the riches

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