The WR.

#10 The list starts with Demaryius Thomas. A HOF QB and a weak secondary. Let this deep threat grab a long ball or two with a bunch of targets in which will be a throw heavy game.

#9 Vincent Jackson. Most people don’t even have him in your top 20, but with Martin out and coming off back to back amazing weeks he is set up to continue his role in the offense and being his high valued self.

#8 Pierre Garcon. Throwing the ball all day to keep up with the offense of Peyton Manning and the Broncos. Let the yards reel in with a score this week. Should probably be higher, but there is a lot of talent in this league.

#7 Desean Jackson. If Vick starts the chemistry will be back. He was the #1 receievr in the league for a while, but is slowly coming back to reality sell high if you can because his value will slowly be diminishing as talented as he is.

#6 AJ Green. People may think he should be higher up on this list, but the Jets are coming to play. Rex has proven that his DEF isn’t a joke and will stop almost anything that gets in their way. Still a pro bowler, but the Jets aren’t the predicted 4-12 everyone expected.

#5 Where are the nachos because the Salsa is here! Victor Cruz is going to go off against a PHI defense next week coming off a bad start to the season. Coughlin will always give it his all and Cruz is the go to man.

#4 Mr. Reliable. Wes Welker. With a QB like Peyton and being his favorite target he is averaging a score a week and shows no signs of wearing out at all this year.

#3 Jordy Nelson. Going against an extremely weak pass DEF and being a WR1 for arguably one of the best QBs to ever take the field well….. dare you need more?

#2 The man playing against our best WR this week. Dez Bryant get ready for him to explode against the lions. Young maturing talent and just getting better each week.

#1 MEGATRON. The man playing opposite our #2 WR this week. Well he is healthy and 100% its hard to compete against him. Going against a friendly secondary and off a great week he is poised to be the games best WR for a second week in a row.

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