Top 10!
10 I got 3 teams from the AFC West in the top 10, and the first one is the Chargers. Right in the thick of things if they didn’t have two teams with 6+ wins in their division
9 The Bengals: BEWARE, get ready for a playoff underdog
8 Packers: short a few weapons but still a great overall team
7 Saints: with just 1 loss all year you are a good team when that loss comes with 5 seconds left against tom brady
6 Patriots: Well its Brady himself. The Pats are getting right back on track injured players are slowly coming back. Gronk was needed for a while. Brady finally got a target now.
5 49ers: This defense is what is keeping them alive. Look for Kaepernick to get back on track ASAP.
4 Seahawks: Seattle is arguably the Superbowl favorite right now in the NFC. Best defense, amazing run game, and a young mature QB.
3 Chiefs: Well when you are 7-0 you don’t lose. When you don’t lose you are a good team. When your defense is playing lights out and your run game is becoming unstoppable you are a good team. You are playing with love for the game after a 2-14 season get it going!
2 Broncos. Yup they aren’t #1. They are an amazing team, but as of now they aren’t the best team in the league and not because they were just beat, but because that team has an edge.
1 Colts: So the last 3 teams have a better record and the next few have just as many wins. So why are they #1? LOOK WHO THEY BEAT! The Broncos, Seahawks, and 49ers. They caused TWO 6 win teams to have their only loss. Look out next week KC, if u beat the Broncos twice you still have to face the show stopping colts. Give them their moment to shine because next week they wont be here if they don’t solve the Wayne issue ASAP, maybe out of the top 10 in 2 weeks. You have the talent just put it to use. Lets hope a bye week helps them.

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