Jets/Saints Drinking Game

Posted: November 3, 2013 in Uncategorized



Since Jets fans (like myself) are probably going to be in pain watching this game, we thought we’d give you a little game to play to calm your nerves


Jets vs. Saints Drinking Game


What You Need: Beer


1 Drink Everytime

  • Geno’s inconsistency is mentioned
  • Analyst mentions Rex is playing Rob
  • Mentions the injury problems for the Jets
  • Bounty Scandal is mentioned


2 Drinks Everytime

  • Geno throws a pick
  • Stephen Hill leaves with an injury
  • Saints score a TD
  • Analyst say Mark Sanchezs name


Chug Your Beer Everytime:

  • Fox shows the Buttfumble
  • Someone suggests Matt Simms should start
  • Saints get a pick six
  • Geno loses a fumble
  • Jets score a TD


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