#10 Keenan Allen It is gonna be a shootout or he will get numbers in garbage time. Bottom line he has FP this week.

#9 T.Y. Hilton BIG shoes to fill and seems like he CAN do it. Stay healthy and give INDY a chance to go far this week.

#8 Victor Cruz Off a bye week and need to play well for wins and a chance to make a playoff birth. Nothing is impossible with some chips and SALSA

#7 Demaryius Thomas Rarely can two WR in the same team make this list. Well it happened and why? Because this week they play for a reason and play for a division win. Hope all is well coach Fox. Thoughts and prayers.

#6 Dez Bryant YES I HAVE HIM THIS LOW THIS WEEK. He is the 2nd best WR in the league but until he calms down he wont be getting far with his “team attitude” I love him he is a personal favorite of mine but NO will keep in check

#5 AJ Green A favorite of Daltons and getting the yards but somehow didn’t find the endzone last week. Hopefully that changes

#4 Desean Jackson. Foles was a fluke but this man has talent and will flourish with any QB. He gets open doesn’t need to let DEF players fall to get open.

#3 Wes Welker PPR BEAST. Off a bye week going against SD playing with a reason! I see 15+ points this week PPR leagues

#2 Jordy Nelson Even if he doesn’t have Aaron Rodgers he will get open and seems to be a favorite for any QB in GB

#1 Calvin Johnson. You don’t get the name Megatron for no reason. He is talented and is probably with AP and Manning the greatest players to ever play the game in the last few years.

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