A Little Wave Goes a Long Way

Posted: December 13, 2013 in NHL
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Charlie Coyle of the Minnesota Wild understands.

During pre-game warm-ups earlier this season, Coyle stopped by the corner, where he spotted a young kid hitting the glass and waving to him. So Coyle did what is natural for a kind person. He smiled and waved back. Here’s the video:

Doesn’t that just warm your heart?

Many athletes put themselves above the rest of the world. Typically you will find it in sports other than hockey, where players find themselves as role models for the wrong reasons. Fans look up to these superstars, and little kids sometimes go so far as to emulate them. Then some of these players think they are the biggest shot, and are capable of getting away with anything. That’s when you find athletes ending up in prison or out of jobs. These guys at times don’t think about all the little kids and fans who are watching everything they do. It’s sad that sometimes the fame gets to their heads.

Then, there are the guys like Charlie Coyle, who appreciate fans, and acknowledge the little kids who watch them. It shows. The little kid Coyle waved to couldn’t stop smiling. It’s adorable. It’s those feel-good moments that really show you the power of athlete’s influence.

That’s how a little wave can go a long way.

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