A-Rod being OK with the suspension? Is something fishy going on here?

Posted: January 16, 2014 in MLB
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Alex Rodriguez spoke with the media for the first time since getting handed his suspension for the full 2014 season. I know that it’s not fair to scrutinize everything one player has done, but this is news, so it’s going up on the site. A-Rod was quite unhappy when given his lengthy suspension, and was screaming “Justice should be served!” at anyone who he thought would lend an ear. Today, 4 days later, he addressed the media in Mexico, with this to say, via ESPN:

“It’s a very sad story,” said the three-time AL MVP, who appeared somber as he spoke in Spanish at a press conference to open a gym he’s affiliated with in Mexico City. “And we hope we can take it out of the newspapers and I hope we can start concentrating on all the good things the big league is doing with all the young players moving forward.”

“I think that in the year 2014, the league could have done me a favor because I’ve played 20 years without a timeout,” Rodriguez said in his first public comments since his suspension appeal was rejected last week. “I think 2014 will be a year to rest mentally and physically prepare myself for the future and begin a new chapter of my life.”

This is an extremely different A-Rod than what we saw earlier this week. Again, and I can’t stress this enough, A-Rod does have a case. The guy who came out and gave him the proof is a known liar, and told “the truth” because he was paid to do so, in every interest imaginable. The arbitrator ruled that there was sufficient evidence for suspension, and we know that there is little to no way that his suit will help his cause. It’s understandable that he would be angry and/or frustrated.

But this seems more relaxed, more accepting. He seems to know deep down, that this is happening, and MLB got the best of him. Not to say MLB is right, nor that A-Rod isn’t using this acceptance blurb as some kind of ploy to help his cause. But it is a bit unexpected to see him flip-flop as quickly as he seemingly just did.

He did not mention the suspension, or upcoming lawsuit vs. everyone he thought was against him, at least in the strict sense of the words. For that reason, this leaves a bit of an open end to this piece.

However, he did say he wanted to take this story out of the news outlets. Well, sorry, old friend. You gotta pay me a bit to stop writing about you.

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