Three Targets For The Knicks

Posted: January 27, 2014 in Uncategorized


New York Knicks forward Carmelo Anthony is scorching hot lately. After scoring a franchise record 62 points against the Charlotte Bobcats, Anthony put up another 35 points in a win against the Los Angeles Lakers.

With his days until free agency numbered, the Knicks are going to need to do something truly impressive to get Melo to come back. Unfortunately, bringing in a star player like Rajon Rondo is out of the question. This is due to the fact that the Knicks have no draft picks or heavily enticing trade pieces (other than Melo). Therefore, the Knicks will need to pull of an impressive second half in order to sway their star to stay.

With that being said, here are three potential moves the Knicks can make in order to start that run.


Sign Richard Hamilton- To be a great team you need to have discipline. It is obvious that your coach needs to possess that trait, but having a player disciplinarian is a great asset to own. That’s where Rip Hamilton comes in. The NBA champion knows what it means to win and can instill that feeling into others. Furthermore, Hamilton can be a mentor/babysitter to J.R. Smith. As seen with Juwan Howard in Miami, a player doesn’t need to have significant minutes to be a guide for a team. Bringing Hamilton in for that role is imperative to righting this ship.


Sign Seth Curry- It’s worth a shot. The undrafted rookie has generations of NBA blood in him. His father, Dell Curry, played 16 year in the league, averaging a modest 12 points a game as a sixth man. More importantly, his brother, Stephen Curry is going insane right now in the Golden State. In his senior year at Duke, Seth Curry averaged an impressive 17.5 points per game. For pretty much pennies, the Knicks may be able to find lightning in a bottle with Curry.


Trade for Jeremy Lin- Despite a good game against the Lakers, current Knicks starting point guard, Raymond Felton, has been an embarrassment. The former Tar Heel has looked slow, overweight, and totally inept on defense. Lin has showed that he cannot only handle New York, but shine. With Patrick Beverly back and Aaron Brooks on the bench, Lin has become expendable in Houston. With all that being said, this deal would not come cheap. A trade that would work would be sending center Tyson Chandler and either guard Iman Shumpert or Tim Hardaway Houston for Lin and center Omer Asik. While people will be very reluctant and off put by this deal, it makes sense. Asik will be a slight downgrade from Chandler defensively, but it will be worth it overall if they can acquire a court leader and facilitator like Lin.


These are three moves that have the potential to return the Knicks to the top of the East and more importantly, keep Carmelo. What do you guys think? Can these moves help the Knicks or are they worthless moves? Let us know what you think in the comments below.



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