Super Bowl Prop Bets

Posted: February 2, 2014 in Uncategorized

The day is finally upon us. At 6:30 pm the final game of the NFL season will kick off. As big as the actual game is, betting on the game has become just as huge. With all the usual bets already known, here are some fun prop bets that can make you some extra cash.


How many times will a kickoff be returned? O/U 3 -With the NFL moving the kickoff up to the 35 yard line, kickoff returns have been at an all time low. In addition, two of the best kickers in the NFL are going to be launching the ball in the air. Go with the under here.


What quarter will Percy Harvin be injured in?- This has become more of a when question then an if. In the two games Harvin has played this year, the wide receiver has left both games with injuries and not returned. My money is on the second quarter, but in reality it can happen in his first snap.


Will the announcers say the word marijuana?- Between Denver and Washington both legalizing marijuana for recreational use and the NFL considering allowing medical marijuana, it will be fairly difficult for the announcers to not mention cannibus. As a bonus, hearing Joe Buck mention weed may be a highlight of his career.


Will Richard Sherman get penalized?- Between his postgame antics and physical on field play, expect the best corner in the game to be flagged for something. 


Will a member of the Red Hot Chili Peppers be shirtless during half time?- The forecast in New Jersey is expecting temperatures in the 30s. That’s more than warm enough for Flea to play shirtless. 

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