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#10 NYJ DEF starts the list. The Jets aren’t a bad play they have proven they can stop the run and with Rex any situation is manageable.

#9 Atlanta DEF needs to step up after the bye week they will against Arizona. Start them with confidence.

#8 The no-fly zone. TB against Carolina get ready for a low scoring game.

#7 New Orleans is my next best DEF for this list going against BUF if they can stop the run they are in business.

#6 Well the Jets are good, but the Bengles DEF will show power all day. They are one of the most underrated defenses in the league and will be giving every team a fight. Watch this team make the playoffs and ride their DEF all the way there.

#5 NE is going against a divisional foe at home. Well that’s enough to put them in the top 5 even with all their injuries. The dolphins may be the best team in the division now aside for them, but the Jets are right in the rear view mirror

#4 This list can’t be complete without SEA defense. Arguably the best in the league and with a backup QB next week against STL well the only thing missing is playing at home.

#3 Without a running game just gotta play them like the winless team they were before losing their all star. Carolina DEF will have a field day against the Bucs this week.

#2 They are undefeated because of the running game and just as important the defense. KC is the place to be now in the football world right by their rival Denver.

#1 Well it has been almost as obvious as the sky is blue. The number one defense is always the one who plays the Jaguars and this week it is an elite defense. San Fran gets my play of the week on D