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10 Frank Gore = He or Kaepernick needs to get it going and one of them will if its Gore expect a nice week against an eh run defense.

#9 Eddie Lacy = Going against MIN he will throw off the tempo maybe even find a hole.

#8 Knowshon Moreno = Going against a NE with a powerful offense, its going to be a few checks and play action with him at most.

#6 Rashad Jennings = He is the new beast of the week dropping double digits the past 3 weeks and probably more weeks to chime to that going against TEN.

#6 Zac Stacy = Time to have a run off with the CHI swiss cheese run defense.

#5 Andre Brown = Cant win a game without a good run game and its finally coming.

#4 Jamaal Charles = He has a decent matchup this week against SD and with the screen plays he will be getting the touches.

#3 Ben Tate = Going against JAX he will be killing the clock in the second half and finding gaps in the first

#2 Matt Forte = Going against the worse run defense helps when you are an amazingly talented back already.

#1 Adrian Peterson = He has talent as usual and is injured, but always seems to know what to do against GB.


#10 Frank Gore – The Saints DEF is proving worthy but the SF offense still is finding ways to win without a good offense. Although this game clearly goes to the Saints, Gore may put up solid numbers this week.

#9 Ben Tate – He is going against OAK so let the REVERSE play action affect happen. They will throw so much when they run OAK won’t see it coming and he will get those big chunks of yards and maybe a score.

#8 Andre Brown – He proved the Giants CAN have a two dimensional offense and hopefully make something of it. He will be putting the ball in the end zone this game somehow against GB. Expect a W from the Giants because of this man here. He will open Eli to be a better QB.

#7 Knowshon Moreno – If Peyton starts hurting the ball is going to be run or put on the screen. He is getting those short passes all day in the first half of the game and don’t expect that to change.

#6 Rashad Jennings – Another person proved himself to me which is why I have him so high compared to the previous men on this list. Hopefully he can keep the job because he is an asset for the future of this team.

#5 LeSean McCoy – Shady is ready to explode and put the skins to bed in the division with a win this week. Get ready for Foles to start throwing the screen now that secondaries will be after him now.

#4 Adrian Peterson – He has shockingly not been our #1 so often. With such a bad offense teams are stacking the box and he still is making plays to be a top 5 RB. He is the most talented player in the league above Peyton and Calvin in my opinion but this week is just at number 4.

#3 Marshawn Lynch – RUN BABY RUN. Going against MIN and being the only real threat in the offense now if they stack the box Wilson will probably test out his new receiver this week. Once they get burned there they will prefer the ball being ran heavily in the second half.

#2 Reggie Bush – PPR KING HAS ENTERED. Going against a team with a weak run DEF and where you have a deep threat like Megatron the field gets cleared up when the secondary has other things to worry about.

#1 Jamaal Charles – Time to score, slow down the pace, and lead your offense this week! Get ready for a crazy Sunday night showdown! Let him run because if you don’t Manning will play against a tired DEF or your second stringers. Look for a big fantasy week.


After a week full of surprises (both good and bad), I’m back with another four pack of picks to help you bring in some extra income.

1. Detroit Even. With an even line, a deciding factor to this game will be who has more pressure on them. No question that in this case it’s the bears. Coming back from injury, Jay Cutler’s job is still on the hot seat. Back up QB Josh Mccown did a fantastic job filling in, throwing 476 YDs 3 TD and no picks in two games. This could lead Cutler to over think himself, which could lead to that one costly mistake. In contrast, the Lions are coming off a bye with Matthew Stafford on pace for a record-breaking year. This game may be somewhat close, but expect Detroit to take this one.

2. Philadelphia -1. Coming off the high of throwing 7 TDS, Nick Foles is at the top of the world. He has solidified his spot as starting QB and he has gotten the Eagles into playoff contention. Combine this with the fact that Seneca Wallace is starting at QB for GB and this one could get ugly. This one will be a shoot out, but expect the Eagles to win by way more than one point.

3. Arizona -3.5. The late breaking news that Arian Foster will have season ending back surgery solidifies this pick. Ben Tate is running with four broken ribs against one the best run defenses in the league. Even though Case Keenum had a great first half last week, don’t expect similar results against a significantly better secondary that the Cardinals possesses. This one could be a low scoring one, but expect a touchdown win for the Cardinals.

4. Miami -1. With all of the controversy surrounding the Dolphins right now, a lot of people are picking this week for the Buccaneers to win their first games. However, what’s being missed here, is the fact that even with all the controversy and the loss of incognito, The Dolphins are still the better team. The Bucs are a mess this year. They are on the brink of mutiny and they have lost their starting RB for the year. It’ll be close, but the Dolphins will pull this one out, because of the simple fact that Miami is more talented.