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#10 Matt Flynn -Thanksgiving just hasn’t been the same without a good GB QB in the past few years, but Flynn could surprise us. Lets see why he gets paid to take vacations.

#9 Andy Dalton – Going against SD that just gave up 38 seems like he is in line for a solid day.

#8 Josh McCown – Has the receivers and is going against the most giving DEF in the league. Get ready for the underdog to throw.

#7 Tom Brady – HOU has a good defense, but their offense won’t be on the field that long leaving Brady time to show off his skills.

#6 Tony Romo – Not time to break down yet! The train isn’t at the station yet! going against OAK look for Romo to throw for a pair at least and get some yardage.

#5 Nick Foles – He has the run game and the WRs. He is in a tight race and tends to put on a show when he can. Expect a nice day from the youngster.

#4 Cam Newton – Finally the guy we want! Cam is back to making electrifying plays as he did in college. He is running and making his options wider than every other QB out there.

#3 Drew Brees – Going against SEA isn’t easy and doing it at their house is even harder! Drew Brees though is off to prove that they are the team to beat in the NFC over SEA.

#2 Peyton Manning – He is Peyton Manning in the end of the day. Yes he was stopped for 15 points last time and yes he doesn’t have Moreno probably, but he is Peyton and the Chiefs just gave up 41 to the chargers.

#1 Matthew Stafford – HAPPY THANKSGIVING with such a giving GB defense. Time for our WRs to show off and bring on the thanksgiving joy as Stafford has a field day.



# 10 RGII = He can run but he can’t hide. Padding the stats as a QB in that fashion is huge for fantasy. Expect a mediocre day from the QB.

#9 Andrew Luck = Against ARI with a solid secondary, but its time for him to put his weapons out and utilize the screen passes and yards after catch his WR and RBs can get him.

#8 Colin Kaepernick = Going against WAS he opens up his range of tricks. Hopefully he can become the Kaepernick of old because this one is boring.

#7 Tony Romo = He needs to prove himself if he wants a playoff seed and to put the giants to bed is exactly what he needs to do. He has his dinner served now all he needs to do is eat it.

#6 Case Keenum = He is going against Jacksonville people. He probably gets them beat once or twice on a big play to pad the stats.

#5 Cam Newton = SUPERMAN! Yes MIA has a solid defense, but they haven’t faced such a versatile QB yet. Expect wonders from the boy coming off a nice week for himself.

#4 Tom Brady = Coming off a bad loss and going against the Bronco’s offense expect it to be a throw heavy day and a nice day from him.

#3 Matthew Stafford = The TB defense is a great one and we probably have Revis Island on Megatron but the kid is talented and has other weapons which makes him my #3.

#2 Peyton Maning = Not our number for once. He has a nice matchup at NE and expect it to be a shootout as usual with this team going against a team with a good offense

#1 Drew Brees = I got him over our BEAST this week because he is on a solid pace of games and is going against a putrid Falcons DEF. Expect him to maybe be the high scorer of the week.


After going 3-1 last week, I’m back with another four pack of picks to try to bring you guys some extra income.

  1. NYJ -2 It’s always risky when you put your money on the jets after a win, because they are 0-4 this year after one. However, With CJ Spiller still playing hurt, Stevie Johnson and Robert Woods not playing, and EJ Manuel struggling a bit to get back in the system, the line is too good to pass up. Coming off a bye and with the addition of reed expect the Jets to get their first back-to-back wins of the year today.
  2. PHI -4.5 This one will either be very close or a total bloodbath. My moneys on the bloodbath. The Eagles offense has shown why it’s a force to be reckon the past few weeks. Nick Foles has yet to throw an interception since coming back from injury. Lesean Mccoy is putting up career numbers as is Desean Jackson. Mix all that with the fact the Redskins have one of the worst secondaries in the league and this spells victory for the Eagles.
  3. DET -2.5 A trend that I’m starting to notice is that the Lions typically get disrespected by Vegas. They are always either underdogs or 1 point favorites no matter who they play.  This week, against a 3-6 Steelers team with a disappointing secondary, count the 6-3 Detroit Lions as a lock to cover.
  4. NE +1 There is no question that the Panthers, at this point, are the real deal. There have a super powered front 7 and Cam Newton has emerged as the elite QB that Carolina hoped he would be. Unfortunately, Tom Brady finally looked like the Hall of Fame quarterback that he is. In addition, Carolinas secondary is nowhere near as strong as their front 7. Their not bad, just not amazing.  Expect this one to be a field goal game, but New England will take this one.