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Three Players The Mets Need

Posted: March 6, 2014 in MLB
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Another year, another expected disappointment for New York Mets fans. With no Matt Harvey, a shaky bullpen, and holes at multiple positions, the Mets should be set for another 74-win season.

Despite this, all hope is not lost for the future. The 2015 season is supposedly going to be the bright side for New York. If the payroll  is going up next year, here are three players that can help launch the Mets back into the playoffs in 2015.

Sergio Romo- Now everyone knows the Mets have had the best luck with signing closers. Billy Wagner was a bust and lets not even mention K-Rod. However, for the right price, Romo is definitely worth the risk. Coming off a 38 save season, Romo would be an incredible upgrade to this Mets bullpen. For a 4 year/ $40 million contract, Romo could be the answer to New Yorks bullpen troubles.

Jed Lowrie- A class act player, Lowrie would be the perfect player to put next to David Wright in the infield. Coming off a career year and going into a contract year, Lowrie will likely command plenty of money in the offseason. As a contact hitter, with some pop, and a fantastic glove, Lowrie is worth every penny.

Carlos Gonzalez- This is difference maker. Despite a back loaded contract, Gonzalez will only be in his early 30s when his contract is over. Not to mention he is well worth the money. A five tool player, Car-Go hit .302 with 26 homeruns, 70 runs batted in, and 21 stolen bases. With a lineup of Gonzalez, Wright, and Granderson, the Mets may be ready to return to dominance.

What do you guys think? Will the Mets acquire any of these players? Is there someone you want the Mets to sign? Let us know in the comments!