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#10 Desean Jackson – Going against a strong DEF is why he is just #10, but he has a good QB and is a great WR.

#9 Josh Gordon – JAX defense isn’t that bad but Josh Gordon is getting thrown to all the time giving him the opportunities he needs to capitalize.

#8 Jordy Nelson – He is going against DET but also has Matt Flynn and not Rodgers. He is a talented WR and looks like he can flourish this week against a second rate DEF.

#7 Antonio Brown – He is a personal favorite of Big Ben and seems like he isn’t turning the jets off anytime soon. Look for a score and a bunch of targets from this guy.

#6 Alshon Jeffery – Going against MIN, if they cover Marshall someone is going to open and it’s gong to be this guy.

#5 Demariyus Thomas – At the end of the day he is a Peyton Manning favorite right now and that means MONEY.

#4 AJ Green – Going against SD isn’t a shoe-in but when you have hands like Green you can do a lot against a second rate DEF.

#3 Dez Bryant – They have been connecting well lately together QB-WR here. Dez is playing a weak secondary and has a great QB throwing to him. Expect a show with this boy.

#2 Brandon Marshall – MIN again is the weakest DEF in the league and Marshall is one of the top WR in the game! Seems like he drops another good day this week.

#1 Calvin Johnson – Is this really a surprise? He is a beast and that’s really it. Nobody stands a chance against him to cover him unless you double team him or shadow him with a zone and that just leaves open the other WR and Bush.


#10 Dwayne Bowe = Time to get off the loss train in KC. Unfortunately against my chargers weak secondary Bowe will come out against them.

#9 Wes Welker = He is going against his former team. Time for a statement game.

#8 Antonio Brown = CLE has a great DEF but Brown has been finding holes weekly.

#7 Demarious Thomas = He is getting more looks than usual now expect him to get the value back that he deserves. Getting into the end zone more often then not lately.

#6 Vincent Jackson = Time to rock the secondary. V-JAX is the go to man there and is putting up constant numbers averaging about 14 a week in .5 PPR leagues.

#6 Victor Cruz = time to put the Giants on Cruz control because without him they have no chance.

#5 Brandon Marshall = With good weather seems like Marshall is a top 5 receiver again

#4 Dez Bryant = Going against the Giants and off a bad beat and a bye week they need to do well and Dez is going to flourish.

#3 Jordy Nelson = Going against a weak secondary he is going to get plenty of touches and pass the century mark

#2 Calvin Johnson = Even on Revis Island he will be a top WR this week. He has talent and you can’t stick to him at all times. Calvin is a beast and everyone knows it. Some people can’t be stopped just stalled.

#1 Andre Johnson = A different Johnson hails the top spot here. Going against JAX seems like its gonna be a throw heavy game to this guy


#10 Keenan Allen It is gonna be a shootout or he will get numbers in garbage time. Bottom line he has FP this week.

#9 T.Y. Hilton BIG shoes to fill and seems like he CAN do it. Stay healthy and give INDY a chance to go far this week.

#8 Victor Cruz Off a bye week and need to play well for wins and a chance to make a playoff birth. Nothing is impossible with some chips and SALSA

#7 Demaryius Thomas Rarely can two WR in the same team make this list. Well it happened and why? Because this week they play for a reason and play for a division win. Hope all is well coach Fox. Thoughts and prayers.

#6 Dez Bryant YES I HAVE HIM THIS LOW THIS WEEK. He is the 2nd best WR in the league but until he calms down he wont be getting far with his “team attitude” I love him he is a personal favorite of mine but NO will keep in check

#5 AJ Green A favorite of Daltons and getting the yards but somehow didn’t find the endzone last week. Hopefully that changes

#4 Desean Jackson. Foles was a fluke but this man has talent and will flourish with any QB. He gets open doesn’t need to let DEF players fall to get open.

#3 Wes Welker PPR BEAST. Off a bye week going against SD playing with a reason! I see 15+ points this week PPR leagues

#2 Jordy Nelson Even if he doesn’t have Aaron Rodgers he will get open and seems to be a favorite for any QB in GB

#1 Calvin Johnson. You don’t get the name Megatron for no reason. He is talented and is probably with AP and Manning the greatest players to ever play the game in the last few years.


10- Marvin Jones- Last week says it all. 4 TDs and 122 yards. He won’t ever repeat those numbers, but he clearly is on Dalton’s good side and has his trust.

9-Keenan Allen- Yes. He is shockingly available in about 30% of leagues he is River’s go to guy and don’t expect that to change. He can find the endzone against a weak Washington secondary.

8- Antonio Brown- NE has a great defense but injuries have been preventing them from being perfect. Expect Brown to do some damage this week.

7-Brandon Marshall- Yes he should be higher, but until I see him explode with McCown I am staying hesitant. He is the 4th most talented WR in the league in my opinion, but without a QB he gets knocked back this week.

6-Roddy White- If he is healthy Matt Ryan FINALLY has someone to throw to that’s experienced. Expect heightened targets.

5-Desean Jackson- Even with a backup QB he has been putting up beastly numbers. Expect that to continue.

4- Pierre Garcon- Going to need to get him the ball to make it close. I think Shanahan knows that better than I do.

3-AJ Green- Andy Dalton is on his game now. After his dismantling of the Jets, expect him to continue his dominance. This is great news for his receivers, specifically his top target.

2-Jordy Nelson- He has been lights out since Cobb left. No question he is a top option in any format now.

1-Dez Bryant- Even though he showed his immaturity last week, expect him to back it up after a 2TD tough break loss against DET.



After the whirlwind of press coverage he had endured by the media, Geno Smith finally got his chance to face press coverage in a Sunday afternoon game. Drafted with the 9th pick in the second round of the 2013 NFL draft, Geno set out to prove his doubters wrong. The results however, have been scattered. There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that Geno is physically gifted (6’3” 221) but the main concern is his mental toughness. With the big (albeit lucky) win Sunday over the New England Patriots and a tough challenge against a strong Cincinnati Bengals defense this Sunday, lets take a look at how Geno has been through his first seven games.

After Mark Sanchez went down in game three of the preseason against the New York Giants, it was all but certain that Geno Smith would be the starting Quarterback on opening day against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Widespread panic broke out due to Geno’s abominable performance in the aforementioned game against the Giants (199 yds, 1 td, 3 int, 1 fumble). However, Geno went out and gave a promising performance against the Bucs, going 24-38 for 256 yards and a touchdown. In addition to this, he led the jets on a game winning drive as kicker Nick Folk kicked the game winner as time expired. This performance instilled some hop in an otherwise mortified fan base. The praise unfortunately was short lived. On a short week, the Jets went to Foxborough to play the Patriots, where Geno threw three interceptions (all in the fourth quarter) as the jets lost an obtainable game, 13-10. This trend has continued and this is the issue at hand. Geno has been incredibly inconsistent going on a pattern of one good game, one bad game. The jets have traded wins and losses and now hold a record of 4-3 through seven games.

Geno’s individual play has held the same model. Throughout seven games, Geno has gone 130-223 for 1,723 yards with 8 touchdowns and 11 picks.  There’s been good and there been bad so let’s break it down.

The Good

At his best, Geno has looked like the best Quarterback in the AFC east this year (and yes that includes Timmy Brady). In the Jets four wins, Geno has thrown for 1,019 yards, 7 touchdowns, four interceptions, and only one fumble lost. Physically, Geno has been smooth, hitting his targets in stride and on deep routes. His arm has been looking fantastic, hooking up with Santonio Holmes and Stephen Hill against the Bills in week 3 for huge plays (both of which resulted in touchdowns). He’s been confident in the pocket, not phased by pressure of opposing defenses, resulting in smart, more calculated plays. He has also been very impressive when scrambling. With a 40-yard dash time of only 4.78, he has an impressive 5.2 yards per carry. Even more impressive than his on field play, is his off field demeanor. A big question regarding Smith during the pre draft interviews was his maturity. There were reports that he was on his phone texting and checking twitter while coaches were attempting to speak to him. None of this has seemed to be an issue in the pros. He has held himself with class and has had a win first attitude, while still maintaining his confidence and bravado. THIS Geno Smith has the makings of a franchise quarterback.

The Bad

The problem is we’ve only seen THIS Geno Smith in four games this season. In the Jets three losses this season, Geno has thrown for 704 yards with only one touchdown, while throwing 7 interceptions. In these games he has looked flustered in the pocket, making ill-advised throws into coverage, and having a general lack of field I.Q. These problems can be summed up by the pick six he threw to Patriots cornerback Logan Ryan. Geno attempted to throw the ball to a draped David Nelson when Ryan simply turned around a picked the ball off, taking it back for six. This isn’t the first time that Geno threw the ball right to a defender. The week before, versus the Steelers, while facing pressure, Geno lobbed the ball into the air, hoping newly acquired tight end Zach Sudfeld would catch it. The issue was that Sudfeld wasn’t even heading on the streak route by the time the ball was thrown. This resulted into a ball being placed into triple coverage and easily being intercepted by Steelers Safety Ryan Clark. Recently, Geno has developed a nasty habit of staring down his receivers when they are running routes. This is a cardinal sin among quarterbacks. Staring down your receiver gives the defense an obvious heads up as to whom the ball is going to. These are massive problems for the rookie out of West Virginia. He has garnered some comparisons to the great Joe Namath (naturally) when he is on point with his play. Unfortunately, he has also drawn comparisons to his predecessor Mark Sanchez with his wild throws and nervousness in the pocket.

To be fair to Geno, he doesn’t have much to work with on offense. His number one receiver last week was Jeremy Kerley. Kerley is a nice slot player, but he does not have the talent to be a number one receiver on any team. However, this is not an excuse for the rookie quarterback. No matter what pieces you are given, you have to play consistently well every Sunday if you expect to succeed in this league. Geno has shown the ability, he just needs to show it more than one week at a time.


The WR.

#10 The list starts with Demaryius Thomas. A HOF QB and a weak secondary. Let this deep threat grab a long ball or two with a bunch of targets in which will be a throw heavy game.

#9 Vincent Jackson. Most people don’t even have him in your top 20, but with Martin out and coming off back to back amazing weeks he is set up to continue his role in the offense and being his high valued self.

#8 Pierre Garcon. Throwing the ball all day to keep up with the offense of Peyton Manning and the Broncos. Let the yards reel in with a score this week. Should probably be higher, but there is a lot of talent in this league.

#7 Desean Jackson. If Vick starts the chemistry will be back. He was the #1 receievr in the league for a while, but is slowly coming back to reality sell high if you can because his value will slowly be diminishing as talented as he is.

#6 AJ Green. People may think he should be higher up on this list, but the Jets are coming to play. Rex has proven that his DEF isn’t a joke and will stop almost anything that gets in their way. Still a pro bowler, but the Jets aren’t the predicted 4-12 everyone expected.

#5 Where are the nachos because the Salsa is here! Victor Cruz is going to go off against a PHI defense next week coming off a bad start to the season. Coughlin will always give it his all and Cruz is the go to man.

#4 Mr. Reliable. Wes Welker. With a QB like Peyton and being his favorite target he is averaging a score a week and shows no signs of wearing out at all this year.

#3 Jordy Nelson. Going against an extremely weak pass DEF and being a WR1 for arguably one of the best QBs to ever take the field well….. dare you need more?

#2 The man playing against our best WR this week. Dez Bryant get ready for him to explode against the lions. Young maturing talent and just getting better each week.

#1 MEGATRON. The man playing opposite our #2 WR this week. Well he is healthy and 100% its hard to compete against him. Going against a friendly secondary and off a great week he is poised to be the games best WR for a second week in a row.