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#10 Coby Fleener – Luck is losing touch with himself lately but Fleener is still getting looks. Can’t count him out.

#9 Jordan Cameron – He is going against JAX if he didn’t make the list there would be an issue.

#8 Greg Olsen – Cam is liking this guy as much as Smith lately and is becoming the redzone target of a lifetime there somehow.

#7 Antonio Gates – The Chargers are back in the race and its time for veterans to show why they are vets.

#6 Vernon Davis – Get ready for play action and drop passed to Davis going against a week run DEF

#5 Tony Gonzalez – He needs to end his career on a personal high note and this is where it starts

#4 Julius Thomas – The man has been an animal all year and is getting the red zone targets. Last week seemed more precautionary than anything else. Expect results from him.

#3 Jason Witten – He is becoming a top TE again and the ball is rolling in Dallas!

#2 Rob Gronkowski – He is going against HOU and has been the most targeted player on the team since he returned.

#1 Jimmy Graham – Graham is Graham even against SEA I believe he will strive. He hasn’t let anyone down except against Aqib Talib


#10 Dwayne Bowe = Time to get off the loss train in KC. Unfortunately against my chargers weak secondary Bowe will come out against them.

#9 Wes Welker = He is going against his former team. Time for a statement game.

#8 Antonio Brown = CLE has a great DEF but Brown has been finding holes weekly.

#7 Demarious Thomas = He is getting more looks than usual now expect him to get the value back that he deserves. Getting into the end zone more often then not lately.

#6 Vincent Jackson = Time to rock the secondary. V-JAX is the go to man there and is putting up constant numbers averaging about 14 a week in .5 PPR leagues.

#6 Victor Cruz = time to put the Giants on Cruz control because without him they have no chance.

#5 Brandon Marshall = With good weather seems like Marshall is a top 5 receiver again

#4 Dez Bryant = Going against the Giants and off a bad beat and a bye week they need to do well and Dez is going to flourish.

#3 Jordy Nelson = Going against a weak secondary he is going to get plenty of touches and pass the century mark

#2 Calvin Johnson = Even on Revis Island he will be a top WR this week. He has talent and you can’t stick to him at all times. Calvin is a beast and everyone knows it. Some people can’t be stopped just stalled.

#1 Andre Johnson = A different Johnson hails the top spot here. Going against JAX seems like its gonna be a throw heavy game to this guy


#10 Martellus Bennett – TEs are weak but he has a nice upside going against BAL for a TE.

#9 Scott Chandler – the Jets can stop the run so they are going to have to throw the ball this week. Look for him to get a few touches this week.

#8 Heath Miller – The first REAL TE on this list that has a chance to make a splash this week.

#7 Jordan Cameron – Was a boom in the beginning of the season but since the QB situation became a mess his numbers died as well. He is an amazingly talented player but he can’t flourish in such a league without a QB.

#6 Vernon Davis – He is one of Kaepernick’s go to guys in the red zone. He has a top 5 TD total and is hungry for more after a slow start.

#5 Jordan Reed – Talk about proving oneself to the league. Becoming the asset of a lifetime he is just moving forward every week being a favorite of RGIII. The only better receiver he can have is Terrence Williams from his Baylor days.

#4 Antonio Gates – The charger is going against a friendly MIA DEF who can’t block the TE. Look for him to go off against a drama filled Dolphin team.

#3 Jimmy Graham – Unless everything is working and they have a big lead expect minutes out of him this week. He is always a top TE option and has been all day. It’s hard for me to see a team with him not in the top 3 of any league unless they had an injury plague this year.

#2 Julius Thomas – A day of check downs and small plays for BIG yards with Manning injured this week. He won’t be throwing the deep ball with a high ankle sprain, but he will be giving the ball off to the TE, RB, and Slot receiver all day.

#1 Rob Gronkowski – He will bring back any team from the dead on Monday night. He is Brady’s favorite target and that isn’t changing anytime soon. Expect big things out of him with an offense off the bye week.

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#10 Eddie Lacy – He has talent bottom line. Not an AMAZING match up but he has potential to have a great week.

#9 Alfred Morris – There is a chance they come out with a big lead and put the game to bed early and then the sophomore will get his touches. #8 Demarco Murray Back in action with Romo. Let the play action be with you.

#7 Trent Richardson – BREAK OUT WEEK. When you play STL you usually have your breakout week as an RB unless you are MJD than you do it against DEN and SF.

#6 LeSean McCoy – Shady was lucky with a 30 yard TD reception. Love him or hate him, he has a rough match up this week but is a talented back.

#5 Marshawn Lynch – Going against ATL play action will be a part of Russell’s game. Clearly games are too close without his proper utilization.

#4 Chris Johnson – Going against JAX means garbage time and clock killing that’s where CJ2K comes in.

#3 Knowshon Moreno – Going against SD and having a passing game like DEN has seems like he is always poised for a good week.

#2 Reggie Bush – CHI is surprisingly friendly against the run. This PPR monster should keep up the good work.

#1 AP – Welcome to the top of the list again. Going against WAS on primetime seems like you are in for a gift of a week.

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