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#10 Coby Fleener – Luck is losing touch with himself lately but Fleener is still getting looks. Can’t count him out.

#9 Jordan Cameron – He is going against JAX if he didn’t make the list there would be an issue.

#8 Greg Olsen – Cam is liking this guy as much as Smith lately and is becoming the redzone target of a lifetime there somehow.

#7 Antonio Gates – The Chargers are back in the race and its time for veterans to show why they are vets.

#6 Vernon Davis – Get ready for play action and drop passed to Davis going against a week run DEF

#5 Tony Gonzalez – He needs to end his career on a personal high note and this is where it starts

#4 Julius Thomas – The man has been an animal all year and is getting the red zone targets. Last week seemed more precautionary than anything else. Expect results from him.

#3 Jason Witten – He is becoming a top TE again and the ball is rolling in Dallas!

#2 Rob Gronkowski – He is going against HOU and has been the most targeted player on the team since he returned.

#1 Jimmy Graham – Graham is Graham even against SEA I believe he will strive. He hasn’t let anyone down except against Aqib Talib


#10 Desean Jackson – Going against a strong DEF is why he is just #10, but he has a good QB and is a great WR.

#9 Josh Gordon – JAX defense isn’t that bad but Josh Gordon is getting thrown to all the time giving him the opportunities he needs to capitalize.

#8 Jordy Nelson – He is going against DET but also has Matt Flynn and not Rodgers. He is a talented WR and looks like he can flourish this week against a second rate DEF.

#7 Antonio Brown – He is a personal favorite of Big Ben and seems like he isn’t turning the jets off anytime soon. Look for a score and a bunch of targets from this guy.

#6 Alshon Jeffery – Going against MIN, if they cover Marshall someone is going to open and it’s gong to be this guy.

#5 Demariyus Thomas – At the end of the day he is a Peyton Manning favorite right now and that means MONEY.

#4 AJ Green – Going against SD isn’t a shoe-in but when you have hands like Green you can do a lot against a second rate DEF.

#3 Dez Bryant – They have been connecting well lately together QB-WR here. Dez is playing a weak secondary and has a great QB throwing to him. Expect a show with this boy.

#2 Brandon Marshall – MIN again is the weakest DEF in the league and Marshall is one of the top WR in the game! Seems like he drops another good day this week.

#1 Calvin Johnson – Is this really a surprise? He is a beast and that’s really it. Nobody stands a chance against him to cover him unless you double team him or shadow him with a zone and that just leaves open the other WR and Bush.


# 10 RGII = He can run but he can’t hide. Padding the stats as a QB in that fashion is huge for fantasy. Expect a mediocre day from the QB.

#9 Andrew Luck = Against ARI with a solid secondary, but its time for him to put his weapons out and utilize the screen passes and yards after catch his WR and RBs can get him.

#8 Colin Kaepernick = Going against WAS he opens up his range of tricks. Hopefully he can become the Kaepernick of old because this one is boring.

#7 Tony Romo = He needs to prove himself if he wants a playoff seed and to put the giants to bed is exactly what he needs to do. He has his dinner served now all he needs to do is eat it.

#6 Case Keenum = He is going against Jacksonville people. He probably gets them beat once or twice on a big play to pad the stats.

#5 Cam Newton = SUPERMAN! Yes MIA has a solid defense, but they haven’t faced such a versatile QB yet. Expect wonders from the boy coming off a nice week for himself.

#4 Tom Brady = Coming off a bad loss and going against the Bronco’s offense expect it to be a throw heavy day and a nice day from him.

#3 Matthew Stafford = The TB defense is a great one and we probably have Revis Island on Megatron but the kid is talented and has other weapons which makes him my #3.

#2 Peyton Maning = Not our number for once. He has a nice matchup at NE and expect it to be a shootout as usual with this team going against a team with a good offense

#1 Drew Brees = I got him over our BEAST this week because he is on a solid pace of games and is going against a putrid Falcons DEF. Expect him to maybe be the high scorer of the week.


10 Frank Gore = He or Kaepernick needs to get it going and one of them will if its Gore expect a nice week against an eh run defense.

#9 Eddie Lacy = Going against MIN he will throw off the tempo maybe even find a hole.

#8 Knowshon Moreno = Going against a NE with a powerful offense, its going to be a few checks and play action with him at most.

#6 Rashad Jennings = He is the new beast of the week dropping double digits the past 3 weeks and probably more weeks to chime to that going against TEN.

#6 Zac Stacy = Time to have a run off with the CHI swiss cheese run defense.

#5 Andre Brown = Cant win a game without a good run game and its finally coming.

#4 Jamaal Charles = He has a decent matchup this week against SD and with the screen plays he will be getting the touches.

#3 Ben Tate = Going against JAX he will be killing the clock in the second half and finding gaps in the first

#2 Matt Forte = Going against the worse run defense helps when you are an amazingly talented back already.

#1 Adrian Peterson = He has talent as usual and is injured, but always seems to know what to do against GB.


#10 Dwayne Bowe = Time to get off the loss train in KC. Unfortunately against my chargers weak secondary Bowe will come out against them.

#9 Wes Welker = He is going against his former team. Time for a statement game.

#8 Antonio Brown = CLE has a great DEF but Brown has been finding holes weekly.

#7 Demarious Thomas = He is getting more looks than usual now expect him to get the value back that he deserves. Getting into the end zone more often then not lately.

#6 Vincent Jackson = Time to rock the secondary. V-JAX is the go to man there and is putting up constant numbers averaging about 14 a week in .5 PPR leagues.

#6 Victor Cruz = time to put the Giants on Cruz control because without him they have no chance.

#5 Brandon Marshall = With good weather seems like Marshall is a top 5 receiver again

#4 Dez Bryant = Going against the Giants and off a bad beat and a bye week they need to do well and Dez is going to flourish.

#3 Jordy Nelson = Going against a weak secondary he is going to get plenty of touches and pass the century mark

#2 Calvin Johnson = Even on Revis Island he will be a top WR this week. He has talent and you can’t stick to him at all times. Calvin is a beast and everyone knows it. Some people can’t be stopped just stalled.

#1 Andre Johnson = A different Johnson hails the top spot here. Going against JAX seems like its gonna be a throw heavy game to this guy


#10 Keenan Allen It is gonna be a shootout or he will get numbers in garbage time. Bottom line he has FP this week.

#9 T.Y. Hilton BIG shoes to fill and seems like he CAN do it. Stay healthy and give INDY a chance to go far this week.

#8 Victor Cruz Off a bye week and need to play well for wins and a chance to make a playoff birth. Nothing is impossible with some chips and SALSA

#7 Demaryius Thomas Rarely can two WR in the same team make this list. Well it happened and why? Because this week they play for a reason and play for a division win. Hope all is well coach Fox. Thoughts and prayers.

#6 Dez Bryant YES I HAVE HIM THIS LOW THIS WEEK. He is the 2nd best WR in the league but until he calms down he wont be getting far with his “team attitude” I love him he is a personal favorite of mine but NO will keep in check

#5 AJ Green A favorite of Daltons and getting the yards but somehow didn’t find the endzone last week. Hopefully that changes

#4 Desean Jackson. Foles was a fluke but this man has talent and will flourish with any QB. He gets open doesn’t need to let DEF players fall to get open.

#3 Wes Welker PPR BEAST. Off a bye week going against SD playing with a reason! I see 15+ points this week PPR leagues

#2 Jordy Nelson Even if he doesn’t have Aaron Rodgers he will get open and seems to be a favorite for any QB in GB

#1 Calvin Johnson. You don’t get the name Megatron for no reason. He is talented and is probably with AP and Manning the greatest players to ever play the game in the last few years.

#10 Eddie Lacy – He has talent bottom line. Not an AMAZING match up but he has potential to have a great week.

#9 Alfred Morris – There is a chance they come out with a big lead and put the game to bed early and then the sophomore will get his touches. #8 Demarco Murray Back in action with Romo. Let the play action be with you.

#7 Trent Richardson – BREAK OUT WEEK. When you play STL you usually have your breakout week as an RB unless you are MJD than you do it against DEN and SF.

#6 LeSean McCoy – Shady was lucky with a 30 yard TD reception. Love him or hate him, he has a rough match up this week but is a talented back.

#5 Marshawn Lynch – Going against ATL play action will be a part of Russell’s game. Clearly games are too close without his proper utilization.

#4 Chris Johnson – Going against JAX means garbage time and clock killing that’s where CJ2K comes in.

#3 Knowshon Moreno – Going against SD and having a passing game like DEN has seems like he is always poised for a good week.

#2 Reggie Bush – CHI is surprisingly friendly against the run. This PPR monster should keep up the good work.

#1 AP – Welcome to the top of the list again. Going against WAS on primetime seems like you are in for a gift of a week.


We’ve gotten to the midway point of the NFL season and a lot of storylines are starting to unfold. Justin Blackmon’s inability to not smoke ganja, the Buc’s mutiny on Greg Schiano, and the rampant plague of injuries taking place. Well be covering all of these stories this coming week, but for now let’s try to go on a happier note into week 9 with some NFL gambling picks.

Game 1:

Kansas City -4.  With Jeff Tuel starting at quarterback for the injured E.J. Manuel, things don’t look promising this afternoon for the men of Orchard Park. The Chiefs (8-0) secondary will have a field day with the undrafted rookie out of Washington State University. It does get better on the offensive side where the middle of the road Bills front four will have to deal with one of the hottest running back in the game right now in Jamaal Charles. This one could get blown wide open by the 4th quarter.

Colts -1.  With both teams coming off a bye, this isn’t an argument of freshness, it’s an argument of talent and the Colts win that category. With Arian Foster and Ben Tate listed as questionable (Foster is a true game time decision) the Texans are going to have to rely on quarterback Case Keenum to throw the ball a decent amount. This will be quite the challenge for a guy with a subpar receiving core that consists of a 32 year old Andre Johnson (who has yet to score a touchdown this year) and rookie DeAndre Hopkins who has been incredible streaky this year. Not to mention, the Colts secondary did a pretty good job of shutting down Peyton Manning (all things considered). The Colts offense will struggle a bit with the loss of Reggie Wayne, but T.Y. Hilton has the potential to go on a complete breakout second half. Even if Trent Richardson continues his subpar runs, you still expect Andrew Luck to lead this team to a nice victory.

Pit +6. The storied Pittsburgh Steelers have looked to be back to their old ways. Since coming off their week 5 bye, The Steelers are 2-1, beating the Jets and Ravens, while losing to the Raiders. This team has picked it up in all aspects of the ball. The addition of LeVeon Bell to the offense added a huge dimension that the Steelers lacked previously, A RUN GAME. The defense, specifically the secondary, has also been playing better, shutting down Joe Flacco, Geno Smith, and Terrele Pryor. Facing a struggling New England Patriots team, the Steelers have the opportunity to win this game outright. Either way, this one should be close until the very end.

Packers/Bears Over 50.5. Two banged up, but powerful offense facing each other on Monday Night Football has shootout written all over it. With the late possibility of James Jones playing for the Packers, expect this score to possibly go even higher than 60 points.


Gary’s picks

DAL 31 MIN 20

TEN 17 STL 14

CAR 28 ATL 21

NYJ 27 NO 24

KC 24 BUF 10

SDG 31 WAS 17

OAK 24 PHI 10

SEA 27 TB 7

BAL 14 CLE 13

NE 20 PIT 17

IND 31 HOU 16

GB 35 CHI 24

Zevs picks

BUF 31 KC 21

DAL 35 MIN 17

TEN 28 STL 21

SDG 42 WAS 10

CAR 31 ATL 28

NYJ 21 NO 14

OAK 17 PHI 3

SEA 25 TB 17

CLE 35 BAL 21

NE 35 PIT 21

HOU 28 IND 21

GB 31 CHI 28

Orens Picks

DAL over MIN 35-17

STL  over MIN 20-17

CAR over ATL 30-14

NO over NYJ           31-24

KC over BUF           26-20

SD over WAS 23-20

OAK over PHI 17-13

SEA over TB           21-17

BAL over CLE        20-14

NE over PIT            27-19

IND over TEX         27-24

GB over CHI 27-21

Daniels Picks

KC over Buf 42 – 35

ATL over Car 10 – 7

Dal over Min 28 – 3

NO over NYJ 28 – 10

Ten over Stl 14 – 10

Was over SD 35- 28

Oak over Phil 21- 17

Sea over TB 42- 3

Bal over Cle 14 – 10

NE over Pit 17 – 10

Ind over Hou 28 – 17

Chi over GB in OT 38 – 35

Avis Picks

KC 24

BUF 13

ATL 20

CAR 31

MIN 17

DAL 28

NO 34

NYJ 23

TEN 17

STL 13

SD 24

WAS 28

PHI 27

OAK 20

TB 9

SEA 31

BAL 23

CLE 17

PIT 21

NE 24

IND 28

HOU 14

CHI 17

GB 28

Jeremys Picks

CAR 24 ATL 21

DAL 31 MIN 16

NO 38 NYJ 14

TEN 21 STL 10

KC 24 BUF 7

SD 38 WAS 31

OAK 28 PHI 27

SEA 35 TB 9

CLE 17 BAL 14

NE 21 PIT 20

IND 35 HOU 17

GB 34  CHI 17



As we hit the half way mark of the NFL season, it’s time to start giving out progress reports. We’re going to give grades to teams based on their performance on offense, defense, and overall play.


San Diego Chargers




Once again a new coach has reformed the offense (and quarterback play) of a previously struggling team. Phillip Rivers has turned back the clock this year throwing for over 1,500 YDS with 15 TDs to only 5INTS. Ryan Matthews is finally starting to show the potential that so many people thought he had. Danny Woodhead has proved to be a fantastic signing producing in the passing and run game. Eddie Royal started off hot and Keenan Allen picked up where he left off. The offensive line has been providing Rivers time to throw the ball. Lastly, Antonio Gates has been rejuvenated and is having a comeback player of the year worthy effort. Mike McCoy has done an absolutely stunning job worthy of praise.




The reason San Diego will likely not make the playoffs. The Chargers lack any sort of pass rush. They have a bunch of no name DB’s providing zero pressure against less than stellar offensive lines such as the Texans and Eagles. Dwight Freeney looked impressive until his injury, but that’s been about it. Top receivers have had field days against a putrid secondary and that doesn’t seem to be ending when they play Denver twice.




Mike McCoy has turned this offense from middling embarrassment, into a minor powerhouse. However, San Diego will not prosper with this defense. They give QBs all the time they want to make a play and have no ability to stop big play threats. It is a shame because McCoy would otherwise be getting serious consideration for coach of the year. Expect the Chargers to stay about even the rest of the year and finish the year at 8-8.