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#10 Coby Fleener – Luck is losing touch with himself lately but Fleener is still getting looks. Can’t count him out.

#9 Jordan Cameron – He is going against JAX if he didn’t make the list there would be an issue.

#8 Greg Olsen – Cam is liking this guy as much as Smith lately and is becoming the redzone target of a lifetime there somehow.

#7 Antonio Gates – The Chargers are back in the race and its time for veterans to show why they are vets.

#6 Vernon Davis – Get ready for play action and drop passed to Davis going against a week run DEF

#5 Tony Gonzalez – He needs to end his career on a personal high note and this is where it starts

#4 Julius Thomas – The man has been an animal all year and is getting the red zone targets. Last week seemed more precautionary than anything else. Expect results from him.

#3 Jason Witten – He is becoming a top TE again and the ball is rolling in Dallas!

#2 Rob Gronkowski – He is going against HOU and has been the most targeted player on the team since he returned.

#1 Jimmy Graham – Graham is Graham even against SEA I believe he will strive. He hasn’t let anyone down except against Aqib Talib


# 10 RGII = He can run but he can’t hide. Padding the stats as a QB in that fashion is huge for fantasy. Expect a mediocre day from the QB.

#9 Andrew Luck = Against ARI with a solid secondary, but its time for him to put his weapons out and utilize the screen passes and yards after catch his WR and RBs can get him.

#8 Colin Kaepernick = Going against WAS he opens up his range of tricks. Hopefully he can become the Kaepernick of old because this one is boring.

#7 Tony Romo = He needs to prove himself if he wants a playoff seed and to put the giants to bed is exactly what he needs to do. He has his dinner served now all he needs to do is eat it.

#6 Case Keenum = He is going against Jacksonville people. He probably gets them beat once or twice on a big play to pad the stats.

#5 Cam Newton = SUPERMAN! Yes MIA has a solid defense, but they haven’t faced such a versatile QB yet. Expect wonders from the boy coming off a nice week for himself.

#4 Tom Brady = Coming off a bad loss and going against the Bronco’s offense expect it to be a throw heavy day and a nice day from him.

#3 Matthew Stafford = The TB defense is a great one and we probably have Revis Island on Megatron but the kid is talented and has other weapons which makes him my #3.

#2 Peyton Maning = Not our number for once. He has a nice matchup at NE and expect it to be a shootout as usual with this team going against a team with a good offense

#1 Drew Brees = I got him over our BEAST this week because he is on a solid pace of games and is going against a putrid Falcons DEF. Expect him to maybe be the high scorer of the week.


10 Frank Gore = He or Kaepernick needs to get it going and one of them will if its Gore expect a nice week against an eh run defense.

#9 Eddie Lacy = Going against MIN he will throw off the tempo maybe even find a hole.

#8 Knowshon Moreno = Going against a NE with a powerful offense, its going to be a few checks and play action with him at most.

#6 Rashad Jennings = He is the new beast of the week dropping double digits the past 3 weeks and probably more weeks to chime to that going against TEN.

#6 Zac Stacy = Time to have a run off with the CHI swiss cheese run defense.

#5 Andre Brown = Cant win a game without a good run game and its finally coming.

#4 Jamaal Charles = He has a decent matchup this week against SD and with the screen plays he will be getting the touches.

#3 Ben Tate = Going against JAX he will be killing the clock in the second half and finding gaps in the first

#2 Matt Forte = Going against the worse run defense helps when you are an amazingly talented back already.

#1 Adrian Peterson = He has talent as usual and is injured, but always seems to know what to do against GB.


Before you read this ensuing article, you should know a couple of things. Firstly, I will admit that I am an Arizona Diamondbacks fan. But secondly, you should also know that I am writing this as a baseball fan, not a disgruntled Diamondbacks fan. I have had the same core view on MVP in the never-ending controversy of “what does value mean” for as long as I can remember. So without any further delay, here is why Paul Goldschmidt should have won the NL MVP award over Andrew McCutchen.

Silver Slugger. Gold Glove. Hank Aaron Award for best offensive player in the entire National League. League leader in home runs, RBI, slugging percentage, on base plus slugging, extra base hits, total bases, and numerous sabermetric stats. Sounds like an MVP, right? Actually those are just some of the accolades Paul Goldschmidt accumulated over the 2013 season. This amounted to a total of zero 1st-place MVP votes. Zero.

Goldschmidt did it all at the plate this year. Besides for leading the league in the categories above, he hit .302/.401/.551/.952 with 36 home runs and 125 RBI. He even led all 1B in stolen bases with 15. Maybe his shortcomings came from not being a clutch hitter? Think again. He led the league in go-ahead RBI with 37, game-winning RBI with 19, go-ahead home runs with 20 (4 more than any other player), home runs after the 8th inning with 7, and walk-off home runs with 3. And for the new-age statisticians, he was 3rd in the league this year in WAR, wins-above-replacement, with 7.1, and led the league in win-probability-added with 6.91.

Okay, maybe his deficiencies are in the field. Nope, try again. He trailed only C Russell Martin and 1B Todd Helton in fielding percentage with a stellar .997. And Helton played 50 fewer games that Goldschmidt. This was rewarded with his first career Gold Glove award.

So how could a player of this caliber not receive a single 1st-place MVP vote, let alone win the MVP award? In short; because his teammates weren’t as good as Andrew McCutchen’s. As illogical as that seems, it’s basically true. The Pirates making the playoffs and the Diamondbacks missing the playoffs is the reason why McCutchen won and Goldschmidt lost.

Team record plays a major role in determining the MVP. The debate over what defines value has been around for decades, and has been argued yearly, including last year in the AL when Mike Trout had arguably a better statistical year than Miguel Cabrera, but Cabrera’s team made it into the playoffs. Should team record play a part in determining the MVP? Yes. But should it to the extent it does now? Plain and simple, no. In 2011, a player with a batting line of .289/.369/.529/.898 with 31 homeruns and just 88 RBI came in 4th place in the NL MVP ballot. Seems like a stretch to call this player an MVP, right? Well that player was former Diamondbacks RF Justin Upton. So why did he get a first place vote and come in 4th overall with a solid but undoubtedly non-MVP-caliber statistical year? Because the Diamondbacks made the playoffs.

McCutchen didn’t even really “lead” the Pirates to the playoffs. His line of .317/.404/ .508/.911 with 21 home runs and 84 RBI is undoubtedly impressive, but it didn’t carry the team. The pitching did. The Pirates were 3rd in the MLB in team ERA, 2nd in opposing batting average, and 2nd in saves. Whereas the Diamondbacks were near the bottom of the league in those respective categories. So Goldschmidt is less valuable because Trevor Cahill and JJ Putz are on the mound instead of Francisco Liriano and Jason Grilli?

If the Diamondbacks had blown as many saves, 20, as the Cardinals, only 13th most in MLB, instead of 29, tied for 1st, they’d make the playoffs. And that probably vaults Goldschmidt into 1st place for MVP. If the Diamondbacks Take David Hernandez & JJ Putz out of 8th & 9th inning and put in Trevor Rosenthal & Edward Mujica, the MLB is saying that’s the difference between Goldschmidt being MVP or not? That’s not even putting Heath Bell’s statistics into account.

I know the Pirates making the playoffs for the first time since 1992 is a nice story and all, but that should bear absolutely no impact on the current MVP race. Crediting a player now for the shortcomings of players that played before McCutchen was even drafted would be absurd.

I may be a Diamondbacks fan but I am presenting only facts. At the end of the day, should team record impact the choice for MVP? Sure. But should the shortcomings of a player’s teammates discredit that player’s statistics, even if they are superior to his competitor? No. But this is just part of the never-ending debate of what value is. So what is value? You decide, because the Baseball Writers Association of America sure doesn’t know.

Gary & Avi go through the top free agents on the market and predict their new homes.

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10 – Alex Smith – It isn’t all the running game when you have a QB that has 5 losses in the past 3 seasons, he definitely has talent. Might not be the best fantasy QB but he’s not a bad option.

9 – Andrew Luck. – He is going against a relatively strong DEF that are coming off a bye week, but Luck was on a bye week too. If Luck can make the adjustments he needs to without Wayne in the system, he can have fun against a Texans DEF who will be on the field a lot without a good offense.

8- RGIII. – Barring his health status which seems minor he is looking for a bounce back game. He probably has a good fantasy day against SD but won’t get the win.

7- Russell Wilson – Yeah so he is going against the no fly zone, but he will have plenty of time to run the ball with TB barely able to hold onto the ball. With Lynch in the backfield that’s the biggest distraction you need once Percy Harvin is back.

6- Andy Dalton. – Coming off the week he just had and proving to the world he has more weapons than just AJ Green, he is one of the most underrated players in the league going against a Miami defense who is hit or miss.

5- Phillip Rivers – Washington has been torched week after week giving up 32+ points a week. Enough said, but once you add River’s talent and the fact that he’s coming off a bye week, look for his chemistry to be perfect among his WR and some good numbers.

4- Aaron Rodgers – Going against a incredibly disappointing CHI defense, and without Cutler, Rodgers will have plenty of time with the ball.

3- Cam Newton – Watch him run for some yardage and throw long going against a weak ATL defense.

2- Tony Romo – Going against a team that gives up 300+ passing yards a week will be a good way to get the Cowboys on the same page. Getting Murray back next week and going into a must win, Romo will flourish. “Dez Bryant isn’t a “ME” person at all.” He has his team’s back at all times.

1 – Drew Brees – Going against a team that allowed 49 points and 325 passing yards last week with 5 passing TDs. Expect good things from this Saint.

On from 1-3 today. Talking Giants, NFL, World Series, and NHL. But we start with the deplorable New York Jets


With Tip-Off fast approaching here’s an in-depth look at the league, Team by Team.

Cleveland Cavaliers

Where They Have Been:
They have been in the basement of the NBA. Since LeBron left for south beach, the Cavaliers have been the worst team in the NBA bar none. However, with the high risk moves the Cavs made in the offseason, the Cavs can either become a total embarrassment or a sneaky good team.

Who They Have: Starters
Since LeBron left, the Cavs have had at least one top 4 pick (including two #1s) in the NBA draft. They have used these picks to essentially build their starting five. PG Kyrie Irving, SG Dion Waiters, and PF Tristian Thompson were all top 4 draft picks. Veteran SF C.J. Miles and C Anderson Varejao round out the starting five. Irving is already an established superstar, but Waiters has yet to show us anything special. Thompson and Miles are nothing better than role players on a good team, and Varejao is injury prone. This may not be the starting five as the season goes on, but if it is, the Cavs are in for a world of hurt.

Who They Have: Bench
Here is the silver lining for this Cleveland team. They signed troubled C Andrew Bynum to a 1 year deal, and have this year’s surprise first overall pick, Anthony Bennett waiting in the wings. Both are complete wildcards (especially Bynum since he hasn’t played in over a year and might not this year), but if they pan out as hoped, this Cavs team could see some daylight. Other bench payers include Tyler Zeller, Daniel “Boobie” Gibson, and Alonzo Gee. Once you add Varejao and Thompson to that bench, all of a sudden this team has depth.

What To Expect:
This team is a total wildcard in terms of predictions. On one hand, if everything pans out, this team could be as good as a 6 seed in the slim Eastern Conference. On the other hand, if Bynum doesn’t play and Bennett doesn’t work out (both literally and figuratively), Cavs fan can be looking at another top 4 pick. The way it’s looking right now, I’d have to lean towards disastrous, given Bynum’s track record and Bennett’s preaseason play. This could prove to be catastrophic as Kyrie Irving will become a free agent soon.



Earlier this week, our staff gave you their picks for this weeks NFL games. However, those picks won’t help you earn money. So I’m going to give you 6 NFL picks that will help you bring in some cash.

Gary’s Six Pack of Picks.

Pick 1. SEA -11.5 – A Rams team with Kellen Clemmons (remember him?) against one of the best defense in the NFL? I’ll take the easy money here. Count on a defensive touchdown here as well for fantasy owners.

Pick 2.  WAS +11.5 – RG3 is finally looking like the quarterback that the Redskins had last year. He is running more and is looking better in the passing game as well. This, matched with the fact that Denver has one of the worst defenses in the NFL this year, could lead to not only a cover by the Redskins, but an outright win.

Pick 3. GB -9.0 – I’m personally surprised this line isn’t higher. Even with all their injuries, Aaron Rodgers is going to light this team up like a Christmas tree.

Pick 4. DET -3.0- This game will probably be a shootout decided by a last second field goal, but that’s all the Lions will need. I’m trusting Stafford and Megatron over Romo and Dez.

Pick 5. PIT -1.0- This game, like the Lions game, could come down to a field goal. The reasons I take the Steelers here are because they have looked improved since they came off their bye. As long as Dick Lebaeu is the defensive coordinator, I trust the Steelers defense to pull out this win.

Pick 6. KC -7.0 (buy half a point) – A new quarterback against the best defense in the NFL once again equals trouble. Expect a wipeout against the Browns.