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Gary & Avi go over the game from Sunday night. From the conditions, to Peytons Arm, to the finals calls.


#10 Dwayne Bowe = Time to get off the loss train in KC. Unfortunately against my chargers weak secondary Bowe will come out against them.

#9 Wes Welker = He is going against his former team. Time for a statement game.

#8 Antonio Brown = CLE has a great DEF but Brown has been finding holes weekly.

#7 Demarious Thomas = He is getting more looks than usual now expect him to get the value back that he deserves. Getting into the end zone more often then not lately.

#6 Vincent Jackson = Time to rock the secondary. V-JAX is the go to man there and is putting up constant numbers averaging about 14 a week in .5 PPR leagues.

#6 Victor Cruz = time to put the Giants on Cruz control because without him they have no chance.

#5 Brandon Marshall = With good weather seems like Marshall is a top 5 receiver again

#4 Dez Bryant = Going against the Giants and off a bad beat and a bye week they need to do well and Dez is going to flourish.

#3 Jordy Nelson = Going against a weak secondary he is going to get plenty of touches and pass the century mark

#2 Calvin Johnson = Even on Revis Island he will be a top WR this week. He has talent and you can’t stick to him at all times. Calvin is a beast and everyone knows it. Some people can’t be stopped just stalled.

#1 Andre Johnson = A different Johnson hails the top spot here. Going against JAX seems like its gonna be a throw heavy game to this guy


#10 Jarett Boykin – I am probably the only person to have him in my top 10, but when you have a backup QB he works better with the backups. Expect that to be the reason he flourishes this week.

#9 Pierre Garçon – Time to turn your team’s season around. If you don’t turn on the jets now don’t even think of making the playoffs. Time to shine buddy, you have the talent, but the wins don’t show it for you or your team.

#8 Brandon Marshall – Not always does he land such a low spot here, but this week there is talent on the table. Going against BAL with a backup QB and the situation he is in doesn’t seem promising. This seems more like a Matt Forte week than a Marshall week.

#7 Vincent Jackson – Going against ATL he will be poised for a solid week. The running game isn’t much without Doug Martin or Mike James now in TB. It’s time for Glennon to show his colors.

#6 Andre Johnson – He is going against an OAK defense which is just giving way yards to WR and QBs. Aside for his talent he was already put into a situation to succeed this week.

#5 Wes Welker – Coming off a HORRIBLE week and Manning injured expect more screens and quick slants instead of power throws. This is where Welker gets HOT. I don’t remember the last time he had back to back horrible weeks. Expect him to find the colored turf this week.

#4 Desean Jackson – He is a fantasy monster this week. He is getting the scores and is in the top 10 with 7 TDs on the season. With Foles throwing all day he is one of better plays for the week.

#3 Antonio Brown – One of Big Ben’s favorite targets on the seasons. He leads the league in receptions and scores when needed. Keep him in your lineup and let him give you the points you need.

#2 AJ Green – Yes the Browns are staying alive because of their defense but AJ will put up numbers. He is an elite WR in the NFL now which will make him an assest this week in his division race.

#1 Calvin Johnson – going against PIT won’t be easy, but he is Megatron. He has the only healthy QB in a tight race so utilizing him will be key in this game and all games going forward.